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Bonnie and Clyde

Description: Broadway style contemporary musical based on the lives of Bonnie and Clyde.  Although the composer appears to be French, the music is similar to Andrew Lloyd Webber, with pop and rock influences.
Comment:  The music is very polished and strong.  At times I wished for more distinction between the songs, but some are top notch.  You'll have to wait for MP3 downloads, and the music is not true rock, or else this nice work might be placed higher.
Audio Format:  MP3 Sample:  "Who Is This Man?"  
Frankenstein the Rock Opera

Frankenstein the Rock Opera

Description: Musical closely based upon the novel by Mary Shelly. The music is mainly guitar driven, with piano and instrumentation.
Comment:  There are some excellent moments in this musical. Nice instrumentation. Good dramatic content. Seems to be ready for staging. Nice web experience.
Audio Format: wma Sample:  "Overture"   .wma
Something Strange

Description: Rock musical vampire tale.  Music is rock, reminiscent of U-2, with broad, airy, reverberating sound and jazzy guitar. 
Comment:  Taken as a whole, this is a very nice creative piece.  Some songs are quite strong, with high sound quality.   The Web page offers excellent original artwork.  Expect lengthy downloads of MP3s, but if you follow the "Story" link you can read the story as you wait.
Audio Format:  MP3, .WAV Sample:  "Rhythms on the Wind"  
Area 51

Description:  Fun rock/pop musical based on the legendary Area 51 in Nevada, written by a young promising Scottish composer by the name of Daniel O'Brien.  The work has won several new musical awards in England and is currently being recorded by prominent performers with the backing of pofessional management.
Comment:  I wish there were more music samples, but the two provided are quite good.  This looks to be a possible hit in the making.  Bravo Daniel!  (Only criticism: Web site is a little slow and clunky.)
Audio Format:  Real Sample:   "Then We Met Like This"
Evel Knievel Rock Opera

Evel Knievel Rock Opera.

Description: A high energy depiction of the life of Evel Knievel.
Comment:  This show has received several very enthusiastic reviews from Los Angeles area newspapers. The video on the web site shows a nicely staged production. Musical excerpts are located on the myspace link.
Prime the Rock Musical

Prime the Rock Musical

Description: PRIME weaves 19 songs through a story of love, ambition, inspiration, desperation, sex, drugs, and rock 'n' roll. The upbeat, high energy soundtrack features male and female lead vocals, saxophone and guitar solos, with blues, jazz and pop flavors.
Comment:  The music sounds good with nice instrumentation. Lisa Taylor can really sing. It's a little hard to parse a story line, and unfortunately the web page does not provide a synopsis. Song samples can be found at CD Baby.
Audio Format:  MP3 Sample:  "Joker"   mp3
Hypothesis - A Sci-Fi Rock Opera

Description:  Earth has blown up and groups on two competing space ships enter into a strained collaboration to colonize Mars.  You'll find mainly instrumental music, similar to rock music from the 70s. 
Comment:  There is some admirable music here with fine instrumental work (especially piano).  This is a complete show, with good story line and nice character interaction.  Unfortunatley, marginal sound quality hinders us from fully enjoying the wide selection of samples from the show.
Audio Format:  Real Sample:   "The Apology"  
Master of the Iron Pig

Description: Deep beneath the earth, Genghis Presley, the Devil's son is plotting world dominion. John Utterson must recruit extraordinary fighting men to go to Hell and rescue the one man who holds the key to Genghis' plan. The show is definitely rock-driven, with songs sung by a variety of characters.
Comment:  Unfortunately, the show does not live up to the promise of the opening act, but there's still plenty to enjoy, especially for rock purists. The show and web page get high marks for originality.
Audio Format:  MP3 Sample:  "When the Nightmare is real"   mp3

Grunt the musical.

Description: Retelling of the life (and death) of Jesus through the eyes of a fictional hunchback character named Grunt and others surrounding Jesus.
Comment:  A nice variety of songs with catchy tunes, some of them really rocking. The website also offers some helpful video from a production of the show. A show for churches and secular venues as well.
Marilyn - My Story

Marilyn the Rock Musical

Description: “Marilyn, In Her Own Words” is a Multi-Media rock musical about the life & times of Marilyn Monroe. Many of the songs start with audio from her life, and give the music a historical documentary quality.
Comment:  The music seems well suited to the character of Marily Monroe. The video trailer gives an idea of how the multimedia mixes with the music.
Audio Format:  MP3 Sample:  "Mama, I'm Scared"   mp3
The Patriot Acts

Patriot Acts.

Description:  A retelling of the events surrounding 9/11, where unscrupulous politicians purposely stage a terrorist attack upon the United States for their own benefit. Songs tend to have a techno beat, but with a mixture of piano, guitar and synthesized sounds. Many of the songs are half spoken.
Comment:  Very interesting work, ready for staging.


Description:  This is a retelling of Ayn Rand's classic tale of individualism versus collectivism. 
Comment:  Very impressive Flash website. Songs are strong and have a voice, but tend to be somewhat repetitive. Definitely worth the visit.
  Sample:   "Anthem"    
Skypaint - a Pop Opera


Description:  Though labeled a "pop opera," there is enough rock to satisfy most purists. This is the story of Sky and his girlfriend who has fallen ill. A cutting edge doctor convinces them to enter a fantasy techno world to cure her. The show received very positive reviews.
Comment: Nice Flash website. "Merge As One" is a great song. Sound clips are available on the website.
Autumn Moon

Autumn Moon

Description:  This musical is a retelling of the traditional werewolf story. It is self-described as "a seductive, action-packed musical thriller that weaves a new beginning to a timeless horror classic."
Comment:  Nice instrumentation. Nice web page.
  Sample:   "Because"   .m4a
The Children of Children

The Children of Children.

Description: A bit of social commentary regarding a young couple that divorces and the negative effects upon the children. Prog rock with piano, guitar and instrumentals.
Comment:  This show has received quite a few positive reviews.
Audio Format:  MP3 Sample:  "Madmen and Dreamers"   mp3
In Spite of Reason - A Pop Musical Drama

LincolnHead_50.gif (536 bytes)

Description: More pop than rock, this epic musical depicts the life of Abraham Lincoln during the Civil War.
Comment:  Very short snippets of songs in the samples make it difficult to judge the work as a whole.  Review of the entire CD, however, demonstrates a substantial work. Although there may seem to be something a bit incongruous about Abraham Lincoln and pop music, the musical stlye grows on you.  Expect fairly long downloads of the wave files.
Audio Format:  .WAV Sample:  "Clip #1"  


Galilei Rock Opera

Description:  This work is the result of a unique collaboration between German and American composers, depicting the life of Galileo.   Music is influenced by 70's and 80's rock, especially Queen.
Comment:  Interesting work.  The music is pretty darn good, but would be improved by stronger vocals.   They've got something going here and the show has much potential.  Needs to be staged and fully worked out.
Avery A Rock Opera

Avery A Rock Opera

Description: A rock opera about a man who is writing a rock opera based upon the medieval story of Everyman. Prog rock with guitar, piano and instrumentals. Described as a combination of Genesis and The Who.
Comment:  This piece has quite a bit of good music. It would be worth ordering the CD. There is some question, however, regarding how well this would work on the stage.
Audio Format:  MP3 Sample:  "The Road to Belmopan"   mp3
Mossadegh - a New Rock Opera

Mossadegh - a new rock opera

Description: This is a historical musical that recounts the events leading up to the U.S. backed coup in Iran that deposed the then democratically elected prime minister and replaced him with the Shah.
Comment:  This work was presented in the 2004 New York International Fringe Festival and received some good press.
Audio Format:  MP3 Sample:  "Dreams of Persia"   mp3
Thanatics - A Rock Opera

Thanatics - A Rock Opera

Description: The Soma 7, a waning art collective in the all-too-near future, accidentally starts a suicide art movement that propels a draconian political party to power. The show is performed by the members of the band and presents a mixture of musical styles, including rock, grunge, funk and country.
Comment:  This work won Best of Fringe at the San Francisco Fringe Festival. There is some very nice guitar work.
Audio Format:  MP3 Sample:  "Introductions"   mp3
Rock Show

Rock Show

Description: A rock concert wrapped up in a play, ROCKSHOW explores a night in the life of New York rock band, Group Therapy. The band's relationship gets pushed to the limits as they teeter on the brink of success.
Comment:  This show is hard rock and provides an adrenaline rush. It may not appeal to the average theatre-goer. There is some nice guitar work.
Audio Format:  MP3 Sample:  "Night School"   mp3
Crime of the Century the Rock Opera

Description: A rock opera that tells the tale of a rising star in the world of rock music. A powerful and secret cabal vying for world domination tries to seduce him to the dark side and use him to their own ends. The music is varied and includes stadium rock, techno, chant, reggae and hip hop.
Comment:  Nice songs with nice instrumentation. The web page includes material for both the musical and Chris Prince's home page, so you'll have to parse them out.
Buster Crabbe - The Rock Opera

Description:  This is a somewhat whacky group with a variety of sounds, from alternative rock to piano and classical guitar.  The lead vocalist leans toward John Lennon. 
Comment:   I don't know how the music fits in with the life of Buster Crabbe, but this group has put together a nice collection of songs.  There is a unique, distinct voice.  One senses that with further development and refinement, these artists could be top notch.
Columbus - A Rock Opera

Rock opera by Peter Gallai and Peter Fabri.   Originally produced in Hungary, the show is now headed for production in the States by Freedom Productions.
Comment:  This looks to be a complete show.  The three clips suggest pop rock with an ethnic flair.  The songs sound quite well done.
  Sample:   "Vuelva Usted Manana"  
Lotus Blooming in a Sea of Fire

Story about a child who is born from a unique love affair during the Vietnam War.  The music is contemporary with subtle Far Eastern influences.
Comment:  This project gets very high marks for its wonderful and artistic Flash Web page.  However, the musical is not really rock-based.  Site was also a little slow on my 56K modem.

Audio Format:
Sample:   Available on website.
Evensong Rock Opera

Evensong is a vampire rock opera which tells the story of star-crossed lovers in colonial New England who are placed under a deadly curse by Legion (the Devil). The show mainly provides a mixture of rock and acoustic guitar work.
Comment:  There are some nice songs here, with some standing out as partucularly good.  The ballad tunes, in particular, work well (especially when sung by the female vocalist).  However, the work falters in other areas:  The story line is a bit hard to follow, the show feels long, and the lead male vocalist may not have the vocal qualities to sustain an entire show.
Audio Format:  MP3 Sample:  "My Name is Legion"  

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