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This site is intended as a resource for those who are interested in original rock musicals and for those who have written original musicals and want to develop and/or promote their work.  In addition to a comprehensive list of these new or undiscovered rock musicals, there are links to other pages that provide helpful information.  Enjoy, and good luck to you!

The List



Description:  This show features the relationships between high school students at a Catholic boarding school and features a clandestine gay relationship between two young men. The music is rock, pop, ballad and show tunes.
Comment:  The musical numbers are quite good and do a good job of conveying the story. Performance rights are now available and the show is already quite popular.
Audio Format:  .mp3 Sample:   "You and I"   mp3
Nostradamus the Rock Opera 

Nostradamus the Rock Opera

Description:  This work, by Nikolo Kotzev, is based upon the life and times of the great French prophet Nostradamus. The music is orchestrated rock with choral music, similar to Jesus Christ Superstar.
Comment:  The music is top notch with excellent vocals. It would definitely be worth buying the CD. As far as performing the show live, it may be unmanageable for smaller theatres. A story line is also somewhat difficult to parse.
Audio Format:  .mp3 Sample:   "Pieces of A Dream"   mp3
Draconia - a Symphonic Rock Fantasy

Draconia - a symphonic rock fantasy

Description:  Witness a new rock musical in the making! Also composed by Nikolo Kotzev, the story is based upon the mythical story of two warring tribes, the Eagles and the Hunters. The music is orchestrated rock.
Emerald Man 

Emerald Man

Description:  The story of a young boy who, faced with a combative relationship with a new father, seeks out his real father in LA. He wears his father's emerald high school ring to transform into the Emerald Man, fighting the evil of the world. The music is mainly piano driven.
Comment:  A very nice work, created by working professionals. It has received positive reviews in its limited runs. It seems well-adapted for the stage and may have a bright future.
Audio Format:  .m3u Sample:   "Emerald Man"   m3u.
Faust - A Rock Opera  http://www.faust.cc

Description: Based on Goethe's immensely popular novel.  Classic rock sound, with some pop-influenced songs.  Music seems to be a combination of 60s and 80s rock, with some "Rocky Horror" thrown in.
Comment:  Great show, with cool web page.  Music is quite strong, with one good song after another.  Lyrics seem a bit clumsy at times, which may result from the translation from German to English.  Things drags a bit during Grete's ballads, and the show ends abruptly, but these are minor criticisms.
Audio Format:  Real Sample:   "Bright Shining Moon"  
The Grail - The Rock Musical of the Future  http://www.the-grail.net

Description: Set in the latter part of the 21st century, this musical depicts the journey of a man to discover the meaning of an event in his youth, in order that he may save souls that have been "uploaded" into cyberspace.  The music is not classic rock, but rather leans toward standard contemporary Broadway tunes.
Comment:  This show is nicely polished and has the makings of a successful musical.  The Web site nicely conveys the story while allowing sampling of music.  The story line is a bit far out, but after all, this is the future!
Audio Format:  Real Sample:   "Power is All"  
Hunchback   http://www.hunchback.com

Description:  Rock musical based on The Hunchback of Notre Dame.  Music has definite pop influences and is all sung by the composer, C. Rainey Lewis.  The show premiered October 1998 at the King Cat Theater in Seattle.
Comment:  Man, can this lady sing, with both voice and music sounding like Tina Turner. She's written some top notch songs.  The songs tend to sound a little the same after a while, however, and one wonders how well the songs will work without a virtuoso giving them voice.  The Web page is professionally done and is definitely worth the visit.

Audio Format:
Sample:   "Human"  
The Jackal   http://www.geocities.com/thejackalmusical

Description:  Rock musical based on Charles Dickens' "Tale of Two Cities."  Sounding somewhat like rockified traditional broadway songs, the music mixes upbeat pop-driven tunes with generous libretto.  The composer, Desmond Flannery, appears to be influenced by his experiences in Jesus Christ Superstar.
Comment:  Though apparently not yet fully staged (as of 11/1/00), this show looks to be a winner.  A nice Web page provides good information and a nice cross sampling of music clips of just the right length.
Audio Format:  Real Sample:   "Paging Mr. Carton!"  
Repo - the Genetic Opera

Repo - the Genetic Opera.

Description:  A genre-bending 21st century Industrial-Wagnerian opera. The show takes place in the future and the lead character is a grave robber who falls in debt to a organ repo man. The show performed to sold-out audiences in LA and is now on its way to being a major motion picture.
Comment:  This is a very cool show with a super cool website. Make sure to check it out.
Drakula the Rock Opera  http://www.donlinke.com/drakula

Description: Closely based on Bram Stoker's Dracula, this musical provides an eclectic mix of rock, ballad and orchestral compositions.  The show was originated by the Milwaukee Rock Opera Company and first performed in 1997.
Comment:  This is a complete work with catchy, distinctive tunes.  It has now been performed in four countries and three different languages, receiving positive critical review.
Audio Format:  Real Sample:   "He Is Drakula"  
Starchild the Rock Opera

Starchild the Rock Opera

Description:  Archaeologists discover an object near an ancient Myan temple that leads them on an epic musical adventure and an ancient civilization of the star children. There is a mix of musical styles, including rock, pop rock and traditional Mexican music. The female vocalist is reminiscent of Cyndi Lauper.
Comment: The music is very pleasant sounding. The web page is very imaginative. The story line is a little far out, but it piques the imagination.
The Outsiders

The Outsiders

Description:  This rock musical is based upon the popular novel by S.E. Hinton about rival gangs and their coming together after tragic incidents.
Comment:  This show is quite good, with a good story line and enjoyable music. The web page is also very good, and it allows you to watch photos and read the lyrics as you listen to the music. The only drawback is its unavoidable comparison to West Side Story, which casts a broad shadow.
Alice Underground  http://www.soundmind.org/aliceunderground.html

Description: Songs are loosely related to the story of Alice in Wonderland, with an alternative sound, similar to Rent.
Comment:  This show has solid songs that are engaging and fun (and very tight!).  The name aptly conveys the tenor of this piece, with alternative music giving an interesting twist to an old tale.
Audio Format:  Streaming MP3 Sample:   "Jabberwock"  
I've Got My Eye On You

I have lost contact with the composer of this work. If anyone knows who the composer is, please contact me.

Description:  As explained on the CD cover, "Bombast is a fugitive from the Assolian Empire, where he was imprisoned for crimes of creativity.   He escaped and fled to Earth where his talents could be fully appreciated and purchased." 
Comment:  Don't let the cheesy CD cover and lame premise fool you, this CD contains some serious stuff.  It makes a statement about creative individuals and the society that feeds upon them, and does it with music that is distinctive and developed.  The CD presents a unique voice (in both the literal and figurative sense).
Audio Format:  Real Sample:  "Look At Me"  
Junk the Rock Opera 

Junk the Rock Opera.

Description:  Soulful and hard edged high energy show that depicts a fictional time where the world is filled with junk and on the verge of environmental collapse. Facing an epic choice between opportunity and ideals, the lead character, Anna, risks sacrificing what she holds most dear for a chance to sing at the world's last rock club.
Comment:  This show has received rave reviews from a variety of LA area newspapers.
Audio Format:  .mp3 Sample:   "Los Reyes"   mp3
Happily Ever After 

Happily Ever After.

Description:  This show explores the ins and outs of a highly-passionate, relatively dysfunctional relationship between a boy and a girl, with a jealous mother.
Comment:  The music is varied and sounds very professional. Make sure to listen to "Don't Bring Her" on the myspace link.
Audio Format:  .mp3 Sample:   "Jack's Theme"   mp3
Meat Street  http://www.wireduck.com/pages/music.html#

Description: Very professionally done project by working modern composer.  This rock-based musical pulls together various songs to depict our modern (and somewhat dark) existence.
Comment:  I couldn't quite follow the story from the songs, but the music is very good and should be well liked by a wide audience.  Previews of the show have received critical praise.
Audio Format:  Real Sample:  "The Doctor is In"  
Jack the Ripper  http://www.rippershow.com

Description:  Based on London's most notorious resident, this historical rock opera presents a mix of musical styles.  It's hard to categorize this music-- some techno-pop, some reminiscent of The Doors, none of it guitar driven.
Comment:   Though sound quality is not the best, the selections demonstrate a well-rounded show with solid, distinct and structured songs that capture the essence of the story.  Vocals seem well suited to the songs.  Excellent CD cover!

Video clips are available on the web page

Atlantis - A Rock Opera  http://cdbaby.com/cd/cdisalvatore

Description:  This 45-minute CD recounts the mythical story of Atlantis.  The musical style is very akin to Pink Floyd, with straightforward melodies and elegant guitar work. 
Comment:  Chris Salvatore (and friend) have put together a very nice CD with good sound quality and fine musicianship.  Though it could use some work before staging to flesh out a discernible story line, this piece has much potential and should have broad appeal.
Haight the Musical  http://www.haightthemusical.com/

Haight the musical.

Description:  Set in San Francisco's Haight Ashbury district during the Vietnam war, this is the story of a rock musician who falls in love with a beautiful Chinese girl. The music is reminicent of 60's and 70's rock bands.
Comment:  Nice Shockwave website. Nice mix of music and good story line. It would have been nice to have songs sung by a wider variety of vocalists. Song samples available on the website.
Underwear - A Space Musical 

Underwear - the space musical.

Description:  Dottie Smallton decides to leave her poodle-skirted past and pursue a moxy-filled career in the fashion industry at Patty’s Panties, the ultimate fashion house for the underwear chic. Songs are tuneful and upbeat, mostly piano-driven, but with a beat.
Comment:  Songs are likeable and have a nice voice. Soon to be presented at the NYC Fringe Festival. Who knows how far it might go.
Wait - it's a musical 

Wait, it's a musical.

Description:  An award-winning 45-minute Chritian musical that is a fun, upbeat exploration of the background characters in the story of Jesus' birth. Musical styles include Pop, Rock, Jazz, Latin, Alternative Rock, R & B and Klezmer.
Comment:  A very nice work with catchy, distinctive songs.
Tess - A New Musical

Tess the New Musical

Description: Based on the novel Tess of the d’Urbervilles by Thomas Hardy, Tess is an edgy rock opera set in Victorian England that tells the haunting tale of Tess Durbeyfield, a young, spirited girl whose life unravels when she discovers she is the final descendant of the once mighty d’Urberville bloodline.

Comment:  Though light on rock music, this show has wonderful music and a nicely developed web page.

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