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the Rock Opera

Information for Theatres

Are you interested in performing Drakula the Rock Opera at your theatre or school?  Below you will find most of the information you need.

As with any work, whether it be in the form of a play, a musical work, a piece of railway art, or a book of poems, there are necessary steps to take when replicating a work for one's own use.  The same applies to this play, and I have outlined conditions surrounding the use of Drakula the Rock Opera below, as well as play materials that have been made available.


  • The show may currently be performed royalty-free.
  • Permission should be obtained prior to performance.
  • Modest revisions may be made to the show, as long as they do not fundamentally alter the show.
  • The composer would like to receive photographs from the show and a copy of any videotaping/recording of the performance (to aid in further development of the show).

Ordering Material

The following material is available.

  • A two-CD set consisting of the entire show 
    (The CD for sale to the public is not the entire show.)
  • A complete libretto 
    Download here:  Libretto.
  • Music notation 
    There is sheet music for the choral parts and for most of the show. There are chord charts for most of the guitar parts. This should be adequate for those groups wishing to use a live band.  Performance by an orchestra could be problematic.
  • Karaoke CD of the entire show
    This can be used for rehearsals, and even performance, if necessary.

Before requesting any material, please make an effort to listen to the music samples online, and download the libretto.  If after doing this, you are genuinely interested in the possibility of performing the Drakula the Rock Opera, contact the composer to order the full CD (don linke).  If, after reviewing the CD you think there is a strong possibility of producing the show, contact the composer about receiving the music notation.

Important Note:  Please do not order this free material if you are not a theatre group or individual genuinely interested in performing the show.  This expends money that might otherwise be used to develop the show.  There is a separate CD available for sale to the public.  Thank you.




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