Historical Dracula



the Rock Opera

by Don Linke

Based on the novel by Bram Stoker

"This performance was a sensual feast for the eyes and even more so for the ears. . . . The primary quality of musicals will always be their entertaining value.  In this respect, this production was an enjoyable experience, most of all because the music, and especially the singing, was exciting."
Louise Ghirlando
The Times of Malta
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"[Linke’s rock opera] varies from heavy rock to unvarnished love ballads, the whole being very harmonious and suitably dramatic for the tale's turn of events . . . The audience really liked what it saw and heard."
Pekka Siukkola
Kymen Sanomat, Helsinki, Finland
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"The production was awesome . . . Throughout the play the music added that extra element that left a lasting impression on the audience."
Jason Pietroski
The Comment
Bridgewater State College
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DRAKULA, the Rock Opera
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